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If the position of the hands, it is the law, the thinking of the majority of the people that with a little practice, it is not difficult to get a good speed in the separation, in a sequence of characters. The intersection of the strings is the hardest part. In fact, in many respects, the strings cross so clean and simple, is the key to the culture of the stock market.

Consider the following examples:

If you are the last to leave in the cable is from a photo, and then the first option on the first line of characters should be an option. If you are the last to leave in the cable is from a photo, and then the first option on the first line of characters should be an option.

This means that there are two harvest entries in the strings. In detail is the following, the other side of the G and B strings as the examples:

If you are low on the g string, you get on the rope. This means that you look to the outside of the chain.

If you have, collect a sequence of characters of G, then they will bring in chain B. This, that you have to be on the inside of the chain.

Every time, when all the characters come together to follow, you should ALWAYS choose the inner side of the ropes or chains from the outside. If not, then youre not alternate picking.

Both are movements across the strings, go back to the house in the game. Therefore, you should be good at both. For the majority of the population, to the outside of the chain easily. Make sure that the practice of payment, on the inner side, and much more.

The following are the main lessons to be good in the top of the foot, the following are examples of the use of B , Gand Dstrings, but these exercises can and should be done in each of the channels.Any type of exercise, with the letters rev (reverse) exercises possible to do with the choice in strings, or even outside of the channels. All the exercises that he does in two ways: to change the direction of the collection. If you started with a cover of the first time you do this, starting with the option.

Please note that these exercises will change the rev and the other, from the inside, and the strings are remade correctly. Therefore, you do not need to change it again, the order of selection. This is probably the most important of the exercises, so make sure you do it right. This is an example on top of the other on the back.

To select the Down Arrow (v) means with the uparrow ( ^ ) means that the option.The intersection of the strings, the speed, the precision, and easy for most guitarists, the most difficult part. But we should not underestimate the importance of a set of separator characters. In the case of many people, that is, in fact, a close coordination between harvesting, ac, and the friction of the finger on the string.

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