Draw Caricatures Fast and Easy

How To Draw Caricatures

What is a Caricature?

A caricature is a representation of a person with an exaggerated expression. The characteristics of the subject are altered give them a grotesque effect, but one should still be able to recognize whom the caricature was based upon. Caricatures are most commonly found in political humor strips. Before one starts to learn how to draw caricatures, it is of upmost important to know how to draw a basic face. Typically the body is short and small compared to the head, but the basics of drawing a body should also be known.


Before any project, the required materials are needed. It does not take a lot of supplies to start, but there are certain necessities. There is not a particular paper to be used, so a stack of printer paper will do. It is not recommended to use regular number 2 pencils, so the type to use will either be a 5B or 4B pencil. A B pencil makes darker, thicker marks compared to a standard one. A few erasers will be needed as well. After the caricature is drawn, a cartoon pen will be used to make the lines darker for the final product.

How to Draw Caricatures

To begin, a subject has to be chosen. This can be either a real or fake figure. It is especially good if the subject has striking characteristics that can easily be associated with them. After a bit of experience, a character can be created from scratch, thoughthis will require a creative imagination and will appear more difficult for those starting out.

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Once a character has been picked, it is time to start drawing the basic geometric shapes for the face. When drawing caricatures, shapes do not have to be proportional to each other. For example, caricatures can have an oversized ear or head depending on the specific characteristic of the original subject. Starting with this characteristic is a common way for people to begin their drawing.

After the basic outline is complete, it will be time to add the details. If a person is drawing caricatures, it is assumed that they can draw the basic features of a face. At this point it is recommended to draw and erase in alternation. This step is just a simple trial and error method that will be done until the drawing satisfies the artist. Make sure to exaggerate as much as possible, but at the same time keep it looking good and true to the original.

When the picture is finished, the next step will be to trace over the lines with a cartoon pen. Take each section at a time until every line is darkened. Then there will be a brief waiting time until the ink is dry. This will prevent smudging in the next step. After it has dried, erase all of the previous pencil lines leaving only the lines of the cartoon pen left.

Shading is an essential step to bring a work of art to life. This should not be a primary concern with the first few pieces, but should be learned as soon as possible. The easiest method of shading is to dab a piece of tissue into a bit of ink. Gently press against the area on the side of the face closest to the light source. The farther away from the light source, the darker the shading will become. Shading can be a bit tricky, so look at a few examples to get an idea on where artists place their shadows.

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Draw Caricatures Fast and Easy

With these tools and methods, anyone can learn the art of caricatures. Do not expect the first, second, or even third work of art to look perfect. Practice is the key to any niche in life. Critique is also an important factor as well, so be sure to get constructive criticism to aid in gaining experience.

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