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It was a winter day in 1998 …A few weeks before this day had a little accident while driving, after “a few” drinks, and my wife is now very excited went to drink …To avoid lengthy discussions as much as possible, now that I’ve been drinking in secret. I drink a glass before he woke up when he was out shopping when she was in the shower, when I was in the other room to help her daughter with homework …At work, also of wood, without anyone noticing my boss threatened to fire three times, so I do not like a bottle of garbage under my desk and a quick sip when nobody is looking …On this day in 1998, I’ll fourth birthday party my brother, my nephew. This means that all the socialization of the night, without being able to drink privacy. I know I can not go through this sober and drink before going …However, my husband seemed to know what he was doing, and when we left, I remained in his eyes. Then, just before leaving, he went to the bathroom … and I take this opportunity to …I took a bottle of gin in my “box of clothes” and a medium shot …I felt alive and ready to party …My brother has lived only 15 minutes drive, so they were fine. I was fine, a few minutes later, however, as I vomited in front of them without notice all …I still remember the look of disgust on his face, staring in astonishment at the face of my brother … and my wife … I can not even bring myself to look …The next morning, in the middle of guilt, shame and embarrassment, I realized that my drinking was out of control, and was about to destroy my life and my marriage. I knew I had a problem at that time, and had to do something …But I do not want to go to AA, because I do not want to highlight an alcoholic … I just want a way to control my desires, I stop to drink, and I can live without alcohol.And so began a long frustrating road of trial and error, self-diagnosis, some episodes, doctor visits, life coach, doctors and former addicts dozens until finally … a complete and thorough manner, I does. .,Stop drinking, okay!I’m sober for 11 years and I do not feel the desire to reach the vessel.Not that I am inclined to social situations where alcohol and alcohol do not know should make sure to talk to people and enjoy social situations …If my day is hectic and stressful, do not feel the need to drink …Not spend my money on alcohol, and not wake headaches and confusion …At the age of 47, now I feel healthier than I have had, because I stopped poison came to me …My wife and I still love and my daughter is now a parent, you can return.I think I’ve been born again. It’s a great feeling.And they are able to accomplish this, now share with you some of the simple secrets …I have a step by step system for drink today to stop. He only said that because they are the exact same shoes and exactly what works and what does not.

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