Dear reader, I’m not going to get into various complex medical details, but I’ll try to explain in a simple way. What are a reflexology or health treatment using reflections? Here is a simple example. He took a deep breath and blew the air someone into the eye. You want to flash! If you do this 100 times, that flashes 100 times. And they can’t help it, as it is a reflection of the innate! In fact, there is a series of reflections. The first one is that we use only after the birth of the suck. As soon as the baby feels a pacifier or its mother, the breast, the nipple in the mouth, begins to suck on it. As soon as the baby gets milk in his mouth, he swallows it. And it is a reflex also called swallowing. Just remember that your neurologist has knocked your knee with a small rubber hammer. The leg would jump up. It is another reflection of what we have. The whole body through the reaction. And there are certain points on the body and spots, which are directly related to the internal organs. Now, if you know this context, you can easily evoke such things in the body, and distress of the stomach or reduce the pain and inflammation in any organ of the body, or parts of the body. That is all there is to reflexotherapy, and simply affect certain spots and zones of the body to evoke the desired reaction in the internal organs. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER! I was very surprised to read all these “great” and could not believe that something so simple could do so very well. Kara McKelamy, Florida, usa Your book is excellent, and the value. Very simple and understanding the presentation style captivating. Thank you for expanding our horizons.

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