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It is the most important part of the page on the website or on a blog, and should be considered as the gateway to your products and services. It is also the point at which you can create the first impression to your new visitors, which is why it is essential that the home page works.

What you need to know above and beyond all of this, you have 5 seconds to connect with the reader. Studies suggest that this is the time it takes for a person to be able to conceive the first impression, good or bad! Some experts believe that, with the rest of the web pages is even less.

This Happens in a matter of Seconds

Taking into account the first 10 seconds after the visitor clicks on the link to the website. 2 to 3 seconds are lost in time to load the page, even with the fastest settings. This leaves somewhere between 2 and 8 seconds to send the message and to attract more visitors to click on the other pages.

Think of your landing page, the first page on the site, and how it defines you and your business. Ask yourself, not to attract the reader and to attract more your web site? Stops to deliver a message, and compel them to click on the tab, or directly from the other site? What is the time to load the page? You can immediately see what they are offering? It is not necessary to wait for the page to load, and makes them less likely to remain after the page finally loads?

These are all the questions that you must answer if you want your home page to produce the best results. There are a number of strategies that you can use to make your landing page memorable and to attract the visitors to click more on the site. Try one or all of the following actions to improve web traffic and improve the visitor experience.

Try To Give Information

If the site is designed to convey a message, or a specific reason, the use of the information on the information page of places exactly where the players stand.

If the site is goaloriented, as the sale of a product or service, or to view the item, and then type on this page, which might work better for you. To make sure that the target is the focal point of the page. Involve readers, giving an overview of the objective, and then use the additional data and information to support the goal of on a different page.

Maybe You Need to welcome Page

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