Diabetic Nephropathy Treatment İn Homeopathy

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It diabetes and kidney disease is NOT, therefore, to IMPROVE, to plan the treatment. It is a wonderful truth is that only a part of the known, when it comes to RESTORING the HEALTH of the KIDNEYS. All Doctors need to do is to simply the symptoms of diabetes, kidney disease, and medicines to treat the control of the disease. You have no training in the area of diet, nutrition, natural supplements, or SOMETHING at the ROOT of the cause! Here is one of the anti-truth (a lie), what IRRITATES Me is not increase: the pharmaceutical industry, the focus of the disease, and the kidneys, in a natural way. For $ 245 BILLION DOLLARS per YEAR, the INDUSTRY FOCUSES ON the “DRUGS AND DIALYSIS.” If you are one of the MILLIONS of people, “victims”… … … misleading information… YOU don’t have a CHOICE, Only INSULIN OR antidiabetic TABLETS need to be WILLING to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood!!!

This disinformation is destroyed, it will not improve the chances of the problems with the reduction of the kidney health… because without meds and insulin, I have a good profitable business, so that you now have? WHAT’s WORSE, it is… BY The PHYSICIAN, BUT the USE of DRUGS to improve the health of the kidney, it will be repelled mercilessly from the famous hill! The result is to hear that the kidney health, bring it down, if down, surprised that the doctor HOLD back the terrible news: “you must be ON DIALYSIS NOW … YOUR LIFE!” Will not happen with you, if you need to take action today! There is a section in the GUN ABOUT the pharmaceutical industry’s “black LIST”! You need to! to bring the end of suffering, in the DIALYSIS… The CAR for a FEW HOURS per WEEK, WITH a TERRIBLE of the FISTULA IN the ARM… TO LIVE WITH a prison sentence and a lifetime on DIALYSIS, Even if you and your insurance for the billing of 150 000 $ per year on dialysis. Listen, this is what I want for you, and I don’t know what you want for yourself. I have everything I want in a healthy KIDNEY, does not want to? Now that you know this plan of treatment is best for the health of the kidneys. The doctor should heal, not from a training at the school of medicine, as the kidneys with all natural methods. All I know is that the pharmaceutical companies, the support of a number of medical schools), for you! But in the end, people like you and I who suffer to the end, what we don’t know who we are, as we all know, the truth about… The doctors receive a “refund” for the big PHARMACEUTICAL companies, the MEDICINES, the PRODUCTION, which is constantly on the confidence of the public in many years, and were victims of the lie, so you can get a HUGE PROFIT. It is so easy. All of the misinformation PHARMACEUTICAL, enough, it disappeared from the Large to confuse the intelligent man is alive, and confused me, And the DOCTORS, who for many years… And the fact that I have a “CORPSES-the KIDNEY is!” Please, don’t let this shit occur, due to the cost, you need to pay is very high, the loss of only 10 years in your life! The TRUTH: the FACTS YOU NEED to know! In november 2010, a report in the Journal of General Internal Medicine”, the authors of the study, said that, if you look at the data for the period 1976-2006, it was found that 62 million certificates of death, almost a quarter of a million people were encrypted, as in the clinic due to errors in medication.

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