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Magic Submitter – why do you need it .If you want to boost your search engine ranking, you need to build massive backlinks from several web 2.0 sites and article sites, including Blogger, Ezine Articles and video sharing sites. However, these are common problems faced by marketers:

  • The submission process takes lots of time and very tiresome. You need to create unique, or at least spun content, register new accounts, confirm the accounts in your emails, submit to social bookmarking sites each time and create videos.
  • You can outsource others to do this for you, but usually it will cost you over $100 to submit just one website.

That’s why programs like Magic Submitter is so powerful. It is designed to boost your search engine ranking, submit to tonnes of websites and create a powerful backlinks to you.

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Product Name: Magic Submitter-msubmitter
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Trial period:60 Days

The pros of Magic Submitter:

  1. This is hot. The designer mode gives you more freedom and backlinks. When you download this program for the first time, they already provide list of several websites that you can submit to, like Blogger, Youtube, Squidoo, Hubpages and more.However, if you find new website that is not included, you can add it manually. You can also setup new commands so this program will automatically register and submit content to that site.
  2. The cost of this program is half of the rest of its competitors, including SE Nuke and Web 2.0 Mayhem.
  3. The captcha can be solved automatically. Which means, you don’t need to wait hours in front of the computer waiting and trying to solve each captcha.
  4. This program will submit to hundreds of web 2.0 sites, including the popular ones that will give you quality backlinks. This includes Youtube, Blogger, Live Journal and Squidoo.

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The cons of Magic Submitter program:

  1. Problem with software like this is the fact there could be error at times and sometimes you need to register manually.
  2. You need to solve the captcha manually sometimes. This is common for automated software.

Magic Submitter is a great program to boost your website traffic. One simple way to gain traffic is by submitting articles to directories. Article directories are quality sites which are trusted by Google and by submitting to these sites, you will gain powerful backlinks and high search engine ranking.

However, one big problem for most article and search engine marketers, is they don’t have time to register and submit to these sites all at once. Magic Submitter changes the rule. It will automatically create new author accounts, submit articles to tonnes of article websites, giving you powerful backlinks within minutes. If you want to dominate search engine ranking, Magic Submitter should be added into your list of tools.

Magic Submitter is a powerful program created by Alexandr Kriulik, the same guy behind Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter.

Before this, Magic Article Rewriter is a great success. It is in fact better than its competitors like Mass Article Creator in some ways, like the quality of articles produced. Magic Article Submitter, on the other hand is a powerful software that will register author’s account and submit to hundreds or article directories on the web.

Now, Alexandr is taking it to the next level by producing Magic Submitter software. This is a great program which allows people to submit content and videos to hundreds or article directories, web 2.0 sites, video sharing sites and social bookmarking sites. This will give the users powerful backlinks and high ranking in search engines.

Of course, there are tonnes of other software that does the same, like SE Nuke, Web 2 Mayhem and Traffic Geyser. However, Magic Submitter is half of their price. Which means, this will be a great competitor to the existing submitter software.

It is no secret that link building is the key to getting high ranking in Google and Yahoo. However, just because you receive lots of backlinks, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to get on top of Google search. In fact, some websites with less backlinks might be ranked higher than another website with even more backlinks.

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The following are some tips to get high ranking by building links:

  • Get links from quality websites like popular article directories, top video sharing sites and press release sites.
  • Forget getting lots of nofollow backlinks from several social bookmarking sites. By default, lots of social bookmarking sites are using “nofollow” tags to any new links added. This will prevent webmasters from abusing their sites and their high page rank.
  • You can automate the link building process. There are several software that can help you doing this. Magic Submitter is one of them.

Magic Submitter by Alexandr Kriulik is a great program that will boost your search engine ranking and traffic. In order to generate lots of traffic to your website, whether it is selling affiliate products or physical products, you must ensure that your domain name is ranked high on Google search result. While creating relevant content could make your website get good ranking, you still need to create massive backlinks, especially when you want to dominate competitive keywords.

There are tonnes of ways to obtain quality backlinks to your domain name. One way to do that is by posting content to web 2.0 article sites.Write lots of unique and relevant articles to be posted on sites like WordPress, Blogger, Webs, Onsugar and Wetpaint. These sites are powerful for link building and they will give you high search engine ranking soon.

There are hundreds of web 2.0 sites that you need to use. The registration process will take hours of time. Which is why, Magic Submitter is created. You will be amazed on how easy it is to boost your traffic and Google ranking with this program.

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