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My world was shattered
It was absolutely exhausting! This event is not to come with a manual that explains the first time I’ve heard a lot of confusion. Not every day has seven flashes through the body, after all! These are not the kind of thing you learn in high school. Before the experiment, I did not know that my kundalini energy brain. At that time, all I knew, it was a very powerful, decisive for my intellectual development time.My world regarding the plot was broken again (that once occurred in the last years of my awakening, even if the universe has been established that are not prepared for that moment to activate completely burned Kundalini). My body was strange. I struggled to realize that it had something to do with ‘I do not know how I was able to move his limbs. When I did, I found myself reflecting surprised that this was the first time he had given me in the physical body! Look in the mirror in the bathroom was very confusing. He did not recognize his own image! In fact, ‘Who are you? ‘It was the only phrase I could bit’ of time.
In the coming weeks, I have met the soul experiences and mental intensity continuously infused. The journey took me through countless practical training practices of Kundalini is the labyrinth of consciousness.One day I noticed on the left side of the body is immersed in the dark, while the right side is impregnated with pure light. When I learned to embrace all classes are thick and fast. No trial has not been recognized by any presence of his spiritual encounter, turning each page of the cosmic library which aims lightning.
The other day I like to live interlaced columns bright Add my universe spine dissolves around me. There would be a powerful burst of electrifying energy that was used to show all the internal blocks in the body of the car (I learned that there are many).

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