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I understand that it is a laboratory, in a language, a living language, for the renewal and enrichment of the self, from year to year, the addition of new meanings and creates the cultural and linguistic diversity. Bosnia is a country with great economic potential, exceptional, extraordinary cultural heritage, – the admission of people, and a great melting pot of different cultures. In Sarajevo, for example, it is possible that, a Catholic Church, the Jews in the synagogue, a mosque, a Muslim and an Orthodox Christian, the Church, for centuries, all in a radius of 300 km!Online learning is practice with a native speaker and learning of languages. To write or speak, bosnia and herzegovina, in accordance to improve your knowledge of grammar and conversation.

The exchange complements other forms of learning, a class, an immersion in the culture and the media, through the practice, for all that I have learned with native speakers in a safe place and effective protection of the environment.
…one of the best ways to learn a foreign language.”
The Wall Street Journal

The advantages of travel, to learn, to understand:
The learning of Bosnia-herzegovina, in the popular language, expressions, etc), that usually native speakers
Accustomed to the way in which the spokespersons to speak in real-time (each of), Bosnia and conversation
Make a friend in Bosnia, the language, the culture.
Exchange of languages, which is not expensive, because we offer a free consultation and a discussion about the lesson plans, which allows the exchange of languages.

The advantages, to see what a language exchange.
The practice of Bosnia and herzegovina, and enter your e-mail address (pen).
The practice of text chat using text messages.
Practice to talk with the cat in his voice.
We offer helpful tips and advice on how it was designed to teach, language exchange, programs of experts about the changes in the language. Practical activities, so that you can easily break the “ice” with the new partner, and to learn and to effectively put in practice.

In short, they have everything that you need to practice and learn a trade.

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