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Good job. It seems to sum up some very important facts that you simply do not learn about his years of ” school. I just think that the years of clinical killing and, above all, the scope can spend! James Barker soft tissue therapist Canberra
I saw him several books on the subject over the past 17 years, but none
Great.more useful summary of treatment technologies to treat patients effectively and minimize unnecessary stress for therapist.Of during his techniques work for me, as I use them for my first class where about 14 years and I can send your good advice to several other therapists year Book .It goes far beyond the purely mechanical aspects of taking care of ourselves, we really have to go farther than just the mechanics of the body through confidence-building measures in our patients throughout our vision our learning and individual patient care. These aspects are well covered in his book.
Mills Graeme soft tissue therapist Melbourne
Just read your book and … ..Congratulations!
I found Chapter 3 of the chest, elbow and shoulder blade approach especially useful. Always in my posture treatment and was nice to have some well-defined corners to stabilize the shoulder joint can work with.You now nailed Chapter 2 describes the importance of establishing a strong faith and courage in his profession. This is the most important factor for me, as I think, if you keep your profession in high regard the rest (ie, satisfaction, success, motivation), but just could follow.I continue, but it is too little talk jewels of the book. I hope this is the first of many books, how to write is very informative, but also very inspiring, motivating and inspiring.
Moyan myotherapist Phillips Melbourne
Who is the author Robert Granter?
Rob has been a recovery massage (Myotherapy Advanced Certificate) from RMIT University, Melbourne, and has 23 years of experience in the treatment of soft tissue in the interdisciplinary medicine of the Australian sports model. Since 1992, he has delivered more than 30 conference presentations in Australia, Britain and New Zealand.
Rob was a clinical assistant medical books of the sport of Dr. P. Brukner and Dr. K. Khan, now in its third revised edition and has sold over 40,000 copies worldwide. And ‘one of the founders of the Australian College of soft tissue therapy and therapist is the only soft tissue of the editorial board of the British Journal of Sports Medicine.
Rob is based in Melbourne, Australia, and was responsible for massages / soft / Myotherapy fabrics for:
Australian Olympic team for the 1996 Atlanta and 2000 Sydney
Victorian Institute of Sport (10 years)
2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne,
Victoria Group exercises Sports Medicine Center (5 years)
Sports Medicine Center, Olympic Park (6)
Essendon Australian Football League football clubs (7 years)
Australian team for the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur in 1998
Rob was also a member of the Australian Olympic team for the Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​Spain, in 1992, as a massage therapist. He is currently in private practice in Melbourne and is a professor in the Department Myotherapy at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University.They are small in physical size, but I could work full time in this business for over 20 years and generate a business 6 digits for most of those years.
I went to England, USA, New Zealand, Spain, Malaysia, and most of the states in Australia, treatment and education.
I work with so many wonderful people more Olympic gold medals and world champion (for the disabled) for inspiration and dad mothers who devote their lives to caring for others, even when suffering from significant physical disabilities.
I think I’ve developed ways to maximize my physical shape and stay healthy mental well-being in body and soul to thrive in what could potentially be very stressful profession.
I want to share this knowledge and experience with you, the reader.
Our guide is easy to read, easy to follow that can turn your business around a daily routine quickly rewarding profession and lucrative difficult and very rewarding.
You want to be very popular with patients and customers, recognized by other health care providers and personally happy and satisfied? Then this book is for you.
And if we could protect income, preserve the body, relax, and still carried on with more confidence and security to grow and shine in this great industry?
And if we could add more patients / clients to your weekly list?
What if you could end the day’s work with a smile on his face, and with enough energy to do more physical activity after a day of work how to play with family or go out and do another activity that brings you great joy and satisfaction ?
What is in this book that helps to prosper in this competition?Chapter 1
Search strong and effective leadership: find a mentor who has already accomplished what we strive to achieve
‘The choice of the guardian (s) is necessary for the proper initial learning and for the future’
Find out how your decisions can be crucial to getting the right advice on closer and faster to your goals or lose valuable time and money mentors.
Learn the most important criteria to be applied to future teachers and mentors in general
chapter 2
Be inspired: to establish a strong belief in the value of their profession
Learn to establish a strong belief that what you do is very important, which is critical to success
chapter 3
Performance improvement Technology Optimization: Use your body for a change
‘Technical optimization to improve the efficiency, reduce the risk of injury, and reduce the excessive burden on the body’
Many self-help books for therapists focus primarily on flexibility. Maintain the ideal flexibility is important; But because it can always close:
improper technique,
Poor posture, and
insufficient strength and stability of the joint.
If we change the approach to the solution of these problems, we hope to solve many of the overload condition.Let’s go through each of the large joints that are susceptible to overload and learn to minimize stress on the perfect posture and the efficiency of the conventional technology.
You learn to be alert to signs of excessive current at all times and to immediately stop and think about what you’re doing and plan a better strategy.
chapter 4
Place the patient in order to maximize the effect of treatment
‘You: reduce injuries, increases the pleasure to work, and maximize the efficiency of production’
There is simply no point to fix the problem with someone, either a specific cost for an injury to his case.
Too many therapists put their well-being on the list of importance.
This must be changed so that we can continue to help others in several years in the future.
You will learn simple methods for patient positioning and effective to achieve a change with the minimum effort therapist. interscapular region, breasts and less, tensor latae and hip front-end fascia, large lateral and distal iliotibial band, the group of tendons and muscles along the adductor and abductor group are all covered in detail.
chapter 5
Getting regular treatment itself
This is an important part of their survival that deserves attention.
One that they will benefit differently, if the regular treatment received by other qualified therapists. If you do, you’re missing a great opportunity to learn a lot of treatment and the development of practical skills
chapter 6
Do not load the body with massage tools
You are stuck in a small ‘I have to use your hands solo’-mental?
The hands are suffering as a result?
Want to learn ways to solve the problems of their patients without creating problems in your body?
You will learn the suction cups can be an ideal way to get rid of the body and provide a valuable and effective for the treatment of myofascial system deployment tool. You will learn how to minimize bruising with this technology.
You can also learn how to integrate cutting tool and smooth T-bar in your practice.
chapter 7
Inspired Living: maintain motivation as a therapist
The life of a therapist can be isolated. How do you stay healthy and happy, while the workload (more than 50 patients a week or whatever your load) maintained?

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