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Understanding your personality is the first key. You have the collective opinion of others is one aspect.You also have your own database of information about what is really the personality and who you are private moments, as well as the general public.The idea is to get to know the inner and outer personality, of who you are and what you do not want. Understanding what makes a particular way to meet a variety of life situations. Ask yourself: ‘Why did I do? And to answer.Who you are behind your name? What are the distinguishing characteristics? Who are you friends? What about customers? What brand to convey to the outside world?What is really a good day, like a bad day, facing a challenge or a great reward? How do you react to the world around us?Your values are the moral codes and principles that you hold near and dear to your heart. When I work my client, one of the first things I ask before our coach is a list of the first eight core values.You probably have more value than eight, but eight plays an important role in decision making, influence, persuade, conflict resolution, communication, and live your life on a daily basis.In my work at home, every part of your life, what values can never be compromised? They are the core values.It is honesty, integrity, security and flexibility? The participation of other wisdom and learning, economic well-being or pleasure? you value loyalty above competence, ambition responsibility, innovation and above improvement can be different from the rest of the world and always surprising – indeed, it is so not despite it.Several good ways. So if you are different, you, my love, is good.The idea is to understand what makes you different, and that, to know better.It is necessary to consider what your heart desires. And ‘quite ready to give the world, so you can build a relationship with your soul. It is very rare, but it is good, and it’s good, then do it. You will not regret to know the person that lives inside yuo.The greatest thing you’ll ever witness in your life is when you start to become the person you are meant to be a start.This does not include your favorite color or school. We are talking about big things.Self-knowledge is determined by your favorite color or your favorite subject in school, or your favorite albums. We’re not in high school – thank you God – who is the ‘you’ is intended to simulate something stupid act of collective rules and difficult, and the feeling of insecurity in the day, when we do!Self-knowledge is a process of understanding you – man – at a deeper level the surface. It is an unpredictable path bewilling you need to study. Bring you face to face with their own doubts and deep uncertainty. It makes you seriously look at how you live your life and ask.Everybody can suck a little time, but it gets better, and like everything else, a little work in the beginning to pay dividends in abundance for the rest of your life.Knowing yourself means respecting the values of life, beliefs, personality, priorities, your mood, your habits, beautiful body and relationships.Self-knowledge, one must understand the strengths and weaknesses, passions and fears, hopes and dreams. This means that, aware of the complexities and idiosyncrasies, your likes and dislikes, and tolerances and constraints.Knowing yourself means knowing the purpose of life. Or, really damn close to find it!You are not born knowing yourself. Never mind.you must not only learn to grow and develop. Self-knowledge is aware; They do it on purpose and meaning.Do not become evident sooner or later. quiet frustration to live in your heart when you do not know themselves. You can live with it and ignore it – or you can begin to meet you.

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