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I work in consultation with T. I. area for over 20 years, but
for a moment, I feel a desire to leave the rat race
and actually do something on their own.You could say that I’m looking for my true calling ‘almost.all my life. For example, before what I ran
Other companies, such as market stalls, bags and accessories
output, that stuff.I know this may sound a little strange, production, so
Shop Online publishing the book – but
Interest in the moments of my life, and I can only say that I would
but be a little happier if I allowed me to pursue my passion for
previous books and electronic publishing.In fact, when a variety of jobs done, very different – came.They realize that all were to some extent. Does not matter howInformation about a particular topic, it is still only part of the picture.computer skills helped me to start publishing books online, but the skills are not sure that the only thing that the establishment of such a necessary commitment. Not even close to enough. . .My first was frustrating struggles and obstacles – he knew what he was doing, knew how to build a website in minutes, but I did not know what to do with it. I knew how to set up a blog, but I did not know what to write. It felt like I had nothing to say.And after five years, to be exact, one of my friends introduced me to the idea and the idea of making money by publishing books, saying that it was’ the next big thing. ‘Obviously, press the button in my brain as he pushed forward the idea and explore more.

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