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My goal is to encourage other writers to bite the acid apple and to let the NDL compete. Here are many of the athletes participating in the first session and are not willing to do at the end of the mistakes, which are easily avoidable. Here are the 20 most common mistakes that for the first time KDK see the competitors.A few months ago, I only have a strong training weight lifting system Female Revolution. Squat 315 pounds and he was very proud to win the strength. The only problem is that it is close to … not even close by. Squatting on the track. I have no doubt that this woman’s statement was that only 315 pounds burn, just be disappointed if I did not get-far red light.I have a side view that turns him into the thigh angle and then finding the appropriate cost of the squatting exercise helped. It turns out that you can only use 245 pounds of 3 reps, if you really reach parallel to the thigh, was still very good, but it is lighter than 70 pounds before.So you cut for something more comprehensive training Squat short depth of the platform: Bret tip.2. Do not use pause long enough for bench-pressing workouts.Get one of the members of my gluten competition set up in the new NDL NDL gym. Surprisingly, the coach had never had his break on the bench. I had to learn to stop the hit..Until a few years ago, all my bench press repetitions resulted in a touch-and-go. Meet and repetition schemas When I heard, I had to reduce my normal loads of 10%. Well, I’m stronger, and we do not want is not so big, and the gap, but still worth a break in the chest, KDK Jordan..Bret Tip: long breast break, so be not tempted to jump to the end of the page, to the right.If you really need to know if you are competing. You just can not go and meet as usual lift KDK gym. The judges will give the order to obey the elevators, and otherwise the result will be of false attempts at control.Squat is one of the two commands – and the beginning of the frame. Unrack licensed bar wait, and then command cage start is ready to sit parallel to the steering flash.The bank has three start commands – press and qualified. Untrack bar observer, who allows a boat on the chest at the bar, wait for the touch command, lock the bar and wait for the commando structure, then lower the zipper.Detachment is a command – down. To settle down and choose the weight of a plot for a command, and lower the bar down in a controlled manner.There are three judges who judge their own lifts and elevators, you should get at least two white lights.Bret Tip: If you ask a red light at each, raise the judge or judge because red got. Often you know what we do not know, you can pay more attention to the next Hol, so you have to do is not the same injury.Each union has slightly different rules. Some are deeper than the second squat. Some do it to keep your feet and head down on the bench; You can choose other head or stand on the toe. KDK Many organizations have published their rules on their website, so that high quality personnel before the competition.

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